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    Block Island Sheriff Department

    Title: Applicants Name - Sheriff Department Application - EU/US/AU

    Applications are







    Were you referred by another officer, if so who?:

    Why do you want to join the Sheriff Department? (100 Words Minimum):

    Why should we accept you over someone else? (100 Words Minimum):

    What makes you qualified for this position? (75 Words Minimum):

    How long have you been playing on the server?

    Have you committed a felony in the past week?:

    Have you read and understood all of the rules pertaining to the Department?

    In your own words describe the mission of the Department.

    What will ensue if you are accused of not following procedure?

    If you are terminated could you apply again? If so when could you reapply?

    In your own words describe what continuum of force is?

    In your own words give me two examples of continuum of force?

    What three things does an assailant need to have in order for you to use deadly force?

    What is the recommended age for an applicant?

    Do you have any suggestions to improve the Department?

    By submitting this application do you agree that you will not abuse your powers as an officer and will always listen to higher ups? If so sign below.

    I _______________ will always do my duties as an Officer and will have Honor, Respect, and Responsibility for my actions. I will serve and respect the people of which I serve daily. I will not fail and shall follow the law as it is written. I _______ understand that if I break rules as an officer I will be terminated or put on restrictive duty dictated by the Department and or board of three. I ___________ swear to God that I will obey my status as an Officer.
    If you cannot answer questions with the detail you did not read the Policy. You will be denied if I believe you answered the question without reading the policy line by line. Read it twice or three times if you do not understand what is written. If you need me or another staff member to articulate please let us know. Signing below will mean you completely understand everything written in the Policy. If you Do Not answer the questions correctly you will have to wait two weeks before applying again. If you decide to not play on the server for two weeks you will not be looked at for a position with the Sheriffs Department.

    Sign here: _________________________

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