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Emergency Dispatcher Needed

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Magicteddybear, Aug 10, 2017.

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    What is a 911 Dispatcher?

    The job description for a 911 dispatcher may differ slightly based on the position: Dispatcher I, Dispatcher II, Dispatcher III (supervisory), etc., which influence the job responsibilities associated with the position.
    911 dispatchers must respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance and information. They must provide dispatch and communication support services for police, fire, emergency, and related services.
    Essential job functions within a 911 dispatcher’s job description will likely detail the daily duties associated with the position.

    Job Duties of 911 Dispatchers
    The 911 dispatcher is often the unsung professional of the emergency response team. These professionals, who gather essential information from callers and dispatch the appropriate first responders to the scene, must be able to take control of situations that may chaotic, heart-wrenching, stressful, confusing, and frenzied.
    They must be organized, adept at multi-tasking, level-headed, and trustworthy. Their work within emergency response services often places them in the middle of life or death situations, so requirements and training for these positions are often stringent, rigorous and unwavering.

    Required Knowledge
    A 911 operator job description will likely be very specific about the knowledge required to adequately perform the job. As such, required knowledge is an important aspect of any 911 dispatcher job description.
    911 dispatchers must generally have knowledge in:
    Safety and Security: Candidates must have knowledge of rules, regulations, and procedures, including safety procedures, such as CPR and first aid. Policies and procedures may refer to department policies and procedures related to emergency communications and disaster and special response plans.
    Customer Service: Candidates must have knowledge of providing excellent customer service.
    Telecommunications: Candidates must have knowledge of telecommunications systems, which may include transmission, broadcasting, and switching systems, and computerized databases, including teletype operations and procedures. Further, they must understand basic dispatch codes, as well as standard abbreviations and industry terminology commonly used by emergency medical services and law enforcement agencies.
    Geography: Candidates must understand jurisdictional boundaries, as well as thoroughfares, landmarks, public buildings and waterways within the jurisdiction.

    Required Skills
    Required skills in a 911 dispatcher job description usually refer to both acquired skills and individual traits. It is therefore common to find the following required skills for 911 dispatchers:
    The ability to develop and maintain cooperative and professional relationships with fellow employees, representatives from other departments, and supervisors
    The ability to use logic and reasoning to reach conclusions and approaches to problems
    The ability to use judgment and decision-making skills to evaluate situations, establish priorities, and resolve matters
    The ability to think quickly
    The ability to work under stressful situations
    The ability actively listen and communicate effectively through clear speech and hearing
    The ability to follow instructions
    The ability to write clearly and spell correctly
    The ability to establish priorities an pass on information as needed

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