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    Rules & Regulations

    Section 1: Participation Requirements

    To participate in server activity users must have unrestricted access to a legal copy of Arma 3 alongside a functioning microphone. Users must be at least 15 years of age and possess the ability to understand and agree to all community rules and regulations. The use of racist, homophobic, sexist, prejudiced or disrespectful content is prohibited.

    Section 2: Teamspeak Regulations
    1. Do not spam other users.
    2. Do not alter your voice or play sounds.
    3. Do not share pornographic or inappropriate content.
    4. Do check your username matches your forum profile.
    5. Recording is not permitted in non-public channels without the channel owner's/faction leader's explicit permission.
    6. Recording is permitted in any channel for player report purposes, but may not be released publicly.
    7. You must remain in the TaskForceRadio channel when in our server at all times.
    Section 3: Game Server Regulations
    1. All forms of glitching, hacking, and exploiting are prohibited and can result in permanent suspension.
    2. Meta-gaming - an “out of character” action where a player’s character makes use of out of game knowledge - is prohibited.
    3. Asset Gaming - To perform an action such as a restraining a user you must have a relevant physical asset (e.g. handcuffs or zip-ties). Exception - when working around a bug.
    4. Combat-logging - logging out or abusing game mechanics to avoid roleplay situations - is prohibited.
    5. Random death-matching - the murder of individuals for no reason - is prohibited.
    6. Vehicle death-matching is permitted in the instance of a role-play situation, however, you may not chase someone down, and run them over, with your vehicle.
    7. Disturbing other players for no reason is considered trolling and is not permitted.
    8. Baiting other players to interact with you is not permitted.
    9. All actions must be logical. Do not crawl through locked doors or interact with assets to create an abnormal situation.
    10. Users are not allowed to disrupt Fire & Rescue while they are on-duty.
    11. You cannot return to the location where you died within ten (15) minutes or if the scenario is still ongoing.
    12. We aim to foster an advanced role-play environment where each action is meticulously executed. You must therefore remain in character at all times and value the importance of your life. Do not act unrealistically; for each crime there is always an underlying reason.
    13. Excessive criminal activity or behaviour deemed harmful to our server is not permitted.
    14. Roleplay initiation must occur prior to any aggressive action being taken. All initiation must be verbal and within roleplay. Initiation must be done on normal or louder speaking volume. If during the course of the roleplay situation you are fired at by the opposition you are considered initiated into the situation and don't need to proceed verbally.
    15. If you are revived by Fire & Rescue, you are to remain in their custody and follow their instructions - failure to do so will be considered fail roleplay.
    16. Individuals wearing a mask - which covers the entirety of your facial features - can not be identified by name unless they give you their name or a valid form of identification is taken from their pocket by law enforcement.
    17. When inside a building, all players must whisper.
    18. Do not act out or vocalize pornographic or inappropriate content.
    19. Idling for more than 30 minutes is prohibited.
    Section 4: Civilian Regulations
    1. No crime zones, also referred to as green zones, are approximately fifty (50) feet around all non-player characters (npc's) and locations where players initially spawn when joining the server.
    2. In the event a roleplay situation is initiated outside a no crime zone, and a player flees to a no crime zone, the no crime zone becomes void for all parties involved in the situation until the situation is resolved.
    3. You cannot interrupt a traffic stop unless that traffic stop progresses into an arrest. A player is under arrest upon being placed in a police officer's vehicle and read their Miranda rights.
    4. You are not permitted to utilize faction vehicles unless the vehicle is discovered outside of a no-crime zone unlocked. Fire trucks, ambulances, Coast Guard helicopters and boats are exempt from this regulation and cannot be utilised without permission from a member of faction command.
    5. Interacting with a vehicle within 10 seconds of the driver exiting or it being unlocked without the operator's explicit permission is prohibited.
    6. Jailbreaks and bank heists may only be performed when there are at least 5 Sheriff's Department members present on the server, excluding cadets. You are not allowed to engage in a jailbreak or bank heist in 15 minutes before or after a server restart (You cannot take over the jail.)
    7. Hostage and situations related to kidnapping may only be performed when there are at least 5 Sheriff's Department members present on the server, excluding cadets. Negotiations must be attempted before any lethal action can be taken, and all participants must be declared upon law enforcement arrival. You are not allowed to engage in a hostage situation 15 minutes before or after a server restart.
    8. If the server restarts whilst you are detained or restrained, you have to go back to the police department after the restart unless told otherwise by your arresting officer.
    9. When tazed or restrained by a law enforcement faction you must follow all verbal orders of the officer. You may not run or attempt to escape from an officer once you have been tazed or restrained; until an officer verbally releases you, you have been jailed, or after all law enforcement officers have left your roleplay situation. Exceptions can be made where law enforcement officers no longer have authority over a situation. For example, your friends hold the officers at gunpoint and rescue you.
    10. Till such time that a function is put into place to allow Coast Guard to grab someone in the water, If a person evades into the water they have 10 minutes to make their escape before they are required to turn themselves over to the LEO faction on scene.
    11. You are not permited to impersonate yourself as any citizen from this community
      for your personal gain.
    Section 5: Faction Regulations
    1. Prior to altering existing or implementing new legislation the Department of Justice must provide at least two (2) days notice to all citizens of Fisher's Island.
    2. With the exception of Fishers Island Fire & Rescue, non-command faction members are permitted to be corrupt.

    Yours sincerely,

    A3NL Staff Team

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